Nutritional Response Testing, with Whole Food Nutrition!

Nutritional Response Testing is a form of Applied Kinesiology. By applying pressure to a large muscle, you can tell if the muscle goes weak or stays strong, (It’s not a test on muscle strength). Finding a weak muscle means, one must find why the muscle is weak, which could be from a variety of things including: food, chemicals, scars, or immune challenges.

Once, I find an issue the body is having, I use whole food nutrition supplements to help the body correct itself. By, placing the supplements on the body and retesting the area that is weak, you should see a change in the muscle response if its the right supplement for the body, then the muscle will be strong again. This is how a program is started. It can take anywhere from one to three weeks and sometimes longer for a client to notice a difference after they start a program. Using this method helps give the body the proper nutrition it needs to correct itself. Just remember, You are not covering up the problem, Your body is helping the body to improve itself. That takes time!