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Your body heals from the inside out. You are your healer, I am your guide. At iHealth, we treat many ailments on many different levels. suffering from minor pain like headaches and digestive issues, or if you’d like to heal on a more cellular level let’s get the conversation started.

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holistic services

for the mind, body, and spirit

To achieve health restoration, I guide people to work with their body and view it as an open flow system. This is so it can heal from the inside out.

Nutritional Response Testing

Non-invasive testing based on the body's nutritional state.

Purification and Detoxification

Romoving toxins from the body to promote natural healing.

Emotional Center Point Release

Promoting emotional balance for physical healing and well-being.

Sound Therapy

Restoring the body and mind's natural vibration.

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle bodywork used to release tension around the head.

Hair Analysis Assessment

determines mineral value and imbalances in your body.

meet kelly

Hi, I’m Kelly! Your wellness journey begins here.

Do you suffer from health issues that keep recurring regardless of treatment or medication? Are you tired of always feeling fatigued?

People just like you have found that their pain was alleviated with alternative therapies and a tailored health and wellness program by a health and wellness expert. A majority of symptoms don’t respond to traditional medical treatment because the underlying causes have not been addressed.

Conditions such as chronic fatigue, GERD, bloating, menopausal issues, and many others can often seem to elude the standard treatment approach, and those suffering from these conditions often need some additional lifestyle changes to experience relief.

how it works

3 step Health & Wellness Plan

This plan for wellness will help you to THRIVE and improve your quality of life. We know that one size does NOT fit all when journeying toward improved health. This is why this plan uncovers your unique needs and creates a solution to specifically meet them.

STEP 1:  Identify your chief concerns
STEP 2:  Uncover your root cause
STEP 3:  Create a personalized solution and plan

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