Sound Therapy is a unique service where we use a sound table or tuning forks to help restore the body and mind to a more natural vibration. New to Intuitive Health Restoration is our new Magic Carpet Sound Table, designed and hand-crafted by Christopher Tims.

Christopher has been refining this magical sound bed since 1996. We are so excited to be able to provide this to you for the best whole-body experience. Whether you just need an hour by yourself to relax and rejuvenate or have an even greater experience with the tuning forks and cranial sacral therapy, you won’t be disappointed.


The Magic Carpet Sound Table has foundational and state-of-the-art technology, ideal for anyone looking to return to a more primal and complete state of being. Whether listening to your favorite music, audiobook, or your own recordings of affirmation and goals, you will feel the vibration throughout the whole body. Whole body hearing boosts the impact of whatever you are listening to and facilitates super learning, growth, and improves health and well-being.

As you lay on a Magic Carpet Sound Table, you will experience a gentle massage. The components of the table vibrate the main platform, causing the specific frequencies of the sounds to bathe the body in vibration, as you listen to the sound through the built-in speakers. You hear and feel the sound simultaneously, enhancing its effectiveness.

This is different from your normal massage table. The true experience of the Magic Carpet Sound Table is beyond description, come see for yourself! Call or text today for an appointment.

sound therapy

How it works

Think about a time where you’ve felt extremely peaceful, in tune, and calm. This is because your vibrational frequency was healthy and in balance! Every emotion has its own vibrational frequency. Do you think this could be why we associate emotions with certain things such as being ecstatic with high energy and sad with low energy? We do!

Have you ever noticed how a slow song will soothe us, and a high energy metal song can activate an anxiety response in certain individuals? With a sound therapy session you will work with us while we use tuning forks to open the mind and get balanced. This will help you solve problems you thought you wouldn’t be able to do alone by getting to a relaxed, balanced state of mind. Think of it as a new take on a guided meditation session that helps you put yourself back into balance so you can think clearly and creatively!

Take a look at this article from Stanford Medicine about the science behind sound healing.

history &
why it works

Tuning forks have been used for thousands of years in bio energetic applications throughout history. Sound therapy is not a new practice by any means! All sound taken in by the body subtly stimulates the vagus nerve which starts in the brain just behind the ears and connects to each of the body’s major organs

This is part of the reason why sound therapy is such an effective tool for healing! This ancient medicine of applying vibration to acupuncture areas is proven to be an effective and natural way to achieve balance in the body, mind, and spirit. These soothing sounds seemingly vibrate to the core of your spirit to create an extremely powerful effect of relaxation and well being.

is it right for you?

Are you wondering if you could benefit from a sound therapy session with iHealth Restoration? If you’ve been feeling off balance, out of tune, or general low vibrational energy that’s been draining you lately, you could definitely benefit from this type of therapy. A session with the tuning forks is highly customized and specific, as each tuning fork has a specific frequency that relates to different areas of the body. Using the tuning forks can help restore and revive the physical and the etheric body back to a natural balance. This will make you feel calmer, relaxed, with a clear mind and ready to take on the world.
A sound therapy session with tuning forks can aid in helping with almost any condition. It does not interfere with medications or other medical treatments. It’s a beneficial therapy for almost all age groups and lifestyles. The technique helps to relieve pain and other issues within the body.
The length of a session is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, so you will want to plan on being in the office for an hour and a half when you schedule a sound therapy session.

Human Bioelectricity

Eileen McKusick

When we experience a loss, have an emotional upset, or not taking care of our bodies with good nutrition, the physical or etheric body can lose their tune. This can put the body into disharmony or a lower vibrational frequency.

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