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One of the ways iHealth Restoration helps to heal the body is with nutrition response testing.

how it works

This type of testing is a form of applied kinesiology. It works by applying pressure to different areas of the body, Then observing the response of the muscle to see if it goes weak or stays strong. Not to be misunderstood, nutritional response testing is not simply a test on muscle strength.

Finding a weak muscle means that there’s a deeper issue within the body that needs to be discovered and corrected. Issues can come from a variety of factors. These include food, chemicals in the environment, past injuries, or undiscovered immune challenges. You will benefit from nutrition response testing if you have been suffering from different illnesses and ailments like organ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, and immune dysfunction.

Muscle testing helps us recognized where the communication issues lay. From there we use test kits to determine if it’s a food, immune, or environmental disruption. Once we know the disruptions in the body the use of herbs, homeopathic, or whole food supplements are used to restore this communication back. The muscle is re-tested with the supplements making sure the body has what it needs to restore health. Once you start a program that is tailored specifically to your body, you will start to notice systems melt away.

The healing process

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is vital to the wellness of your body, as it is what your body uses for fuel. When your body is fueled by healthy substances, you will feel healthier and balanced all around! Once we find an issue within the body, we use whole food nutrition supplements to help the body correct the illness or ailment.

Our process includes placing the supplements on the body and retesting any areas that were weak. If it is the right supplement for the body, we will observe and record change in the muscle response. 

After this, we are able to determine what it will take to eventually make the muscle strong again.

It can take anywhere from one to three weeks for a client to notice a difference after they start a program, and sometimes longer than that. It’s important to remember that it didn’t take a day to develop an imbalance in the body, and it will take more than a day to correct it with natural methods.


One of the ways we use food to heal the ailments within the body is through a system called BioEnergetics. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, BioEnergetics is the study of the flow and transfer of energy in living systems. 

We use this system to help you understand how the body heals from the inside out. BioEnergetics works in synergy with the body to restore health and energy flow. This is done through a mixture of herbs that are specific to your ailments. These ancient herbs feed, drain, and detox the body in a gentle, natural way.  Homeopathic’s work to restore the matrix with the body. Using this approach allows the body to receive a well around program that supports all aspects of health and wellness. 

Watch the video (below) above with for more details on BioEnergetics from the owner Kelly

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