Learn more about us, how we got started, and the story behind Kelly’s purpose with a letter from the owner. 


HI, My name is Kelly. If you haven’t learned already, I’m the owner of Intuitive Health Restoration. I’m going to go over a few items you may find important. Let’s begin.

I’ve been working with people for over 27 years. I started working on the emergency side of medicine in 1991 as a road Paramedic and then as an Emergency Room Nurse in busy markets.

I hold 3 Associate degrees, Nursing, Emergency Para Medicine, and Liberal Arts. Along with that, a certifications in BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support), and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support).

This is how I got started in Whole Food Nutrition.


Back in October of 2010, I woke up one early Monday morning feeling very dizzy and with some ringing in my ears. As the week progressed the symptoms got worse and by the time I went to the Ears, Nose and Throat Doctor, I was losing her hearing. The Doctor placed me on medication, that only made the symptoms worse. After going through a battery of tests, I was diagnosed with Meniere disease. Knowing I had three small children at home, I decided she could not live her life like this.

A friend of mine gave her a name of a Practitioner who does Muscle Testing with Whole Food Nutrition. That Practitioner changed my life. It took almost 7 months to start feeling better and get my hearing back. I promise, there is a happy ending. I was hooked and has never looked back. This is the reason why I changed career paths to help others like myself who didn’t want to end up not living their life to their full abilities. This is my WHY.

Since this life changing event I had to decided to change medical directions and enhanced my patient care abilities by adding a IFNH (International Foundation for Nutrition and Health), certification as a Certified Clinician for Nutrition and Health, Standard Process Nutritional Continuing Education, Upledger Institute for Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing (Intermediate Certificate). I also recently as of 2019, became a Bio-Energetics practitioner and earned my Holistic Healthcare Practitioner (HHP).

With my 20+ years of experience working with patients, I have discovered natural health can be very rewarding. By pulling all of my experiences together, this allows me to help my clients achieve a more healthful natural way of life.

My husband Troy and I, reside in Van Buren Township along with my three young children. I pursue a very active family life.

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