Viewing Your Body as an Open Flow System

How you view and understand your body has a direct connection to your health. When you fully understand your body and how it functions, you can begin to make choices that better suit it. Here’s how viewing your body as an open flow system benefits your overall health. 

What is an open flow system?

An open flow system is all about energy transfer within physical objects. A system is anything involved in an energy exchange. An open flow system emits or receives energy from its environment. A simple example of this is a cup of hot coffee. As it cools, the steam is released into the air surrounding it. This is how the energy “flows” into its environment.  

Is the body an open flow system?

Our body is made up of many different internal systems like the nervous, reproductive, and digestive systems. They function individually inside of our bodies. In order for these systems to function, our body needs outside energy. This energy is provided by water, minerals, and food, to name a few. Because our body uses these outside sources to run, it is considered an open flow system. 

Viewing Your Body as an Open Flow System

In light of what an open flow system is, think of how this applies to your health. Since our body is constantly taking in food, air, and water, we need to take responsibility for how these things affect our health. 

Do you eat processed and sugary foods? Think of the impact these unnatural food products have on your body. Not only does this type of food lack nutritional value, but it has also been linked to cancer. The many artificial ingredients in these foods play a huge role in food addictions and obesity. The next time you reach for an unhealthy food item, remember the open flow system concept. 

Whether you live in the city or the country, you are at risk for air pollutants. A shocking fact is that there are 2 to 5 times more harmful air pollutants indoors than outside. These pollutants come from air fresheners, laundry detergents, cleaning products, and candles. Think of your respiratory system as part of your overall open flow system and rid your living space of pollution. 

Now consider the water you drink. Many people reach for a glass of tap water when they are thirsty and do not consider what is lurking in it. Traces of many harmful chemicals were found in regular tap water. Care for your body’s open flow system and choose to drink filtered water that removes these harmful toxins. 

The energies around us affect our body’s open flow system. Choose wisely as you fill your plate with food and refresh your body with a glass of water. Your body’s open flow system will manifest what you expose it to. 

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