Eliminating Toxins In Your Life

If you have spent any time on the internet, chances are you have run into some sort of product about a detox. Whether that be a gut detox, a skin detox, or even an armpit detox, everyone’s interested in eliminating toxins! But when there is that much information about detoxing, you have to wonder if there’s merit to all of these products, or if there’s even a need to detox all of these things.

Are There Toxins in Your Life?

Toxins are everywhere, no matter how many steps we take to limit them, we can never fully eliminate them. However, limiting our toxic burden can be life-changing. It is believed that most people are exposed to over 2,000,000 toxins a day. From everyday cleaners to our water, there are toxins everywhere.

While this information may seem intimidating, there is no need to become overwhelmed. Knowledge is power, and with this information, you can take steps to limit toxins in your personal life or the lives of your family members.

How Do They Affect You?

Anxiety works against your body in a similar way that stress does. However, there is a difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders. Much like acute stress, there may be times in all of our lives where we experience a bout of anxiety. Anxiety disorders, however, are much different and can be debilitating to those who have it.

The Body’s Response

In our day and age, it is impossible to remove every toxin from our lives. But the body is a powerful thing and can adapt and combat the toxins we come in contact with.

Every day as toxins go in, our body works to cycle them out. It’s when there are too many toxins coming in and our body is already overloaded that we are unable to process them. This often leads to illness and symptoms that are sometimes unexplainable.

Where Do Toxins Come From?

A few common places you are bound to find toxins:


With the increased use of pesticides and herbicides, more and more chemicals are being consumed by Americans every day. One of the leading pesticides is commonly known to contain a carcinogenic chemical called glyphosate.

Aside from pesticides and herbicides, our foods also contain a myriad of chemicals from artificial sweeteners to dyes and preservatives. It seems impossible to “eat clean.”

Things you can do to eliminate these toxins:

  • Eating organic non-GMO foods
  • Growing a garden
  • Reading food labels and learning which ones are harmful
  • Eat mostly from home
  • Try foods without preservatives


Did you know that it has been almost 20 years since the legal limits of contaminants allowed in your water have been updated? That alone should make you a bit uncomfortable about what you may be drinking or bathing in. We use this water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, gardening, and showering. Carcinogenic toxins are allowed in our water along with many other harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Things you can do to eliminate these toxins:

  • Buying a water filter for drinking water and showers
  • Drinking bottled water that has been tested

Beauty & Hygiene Products

If you looked on the shelves of most grocery stores, you would find hundreds of products with harmful ingredients. Many deodorants contain aluminum, which has been known to cause health complications. While sulfates and parabens are also known to be toxic.

One of the most toxic ingredients is fragrance. Current regulations do not require companies to list out all of the ingredients used in fragrances. Many fragrances contain known carcinogens, obesogens, hormone disruptors, and other toxins known to cause respiratory illness and harm your reproductive health.

Things you can do to eliminate these toxins:

  • Research products on EWG or the app “Think Dirty
  • Go “fragrance-free”
  • Use products fragranced with essential oils
  • Look for products that are sulfate and paraben-free
  • Switch to a natural deodorant

Household Cleaners

Household cleaners are probably some of the most toxic things you can use in the home. Most cleaners contain the very same fragrances that are in hygiene products, but they also contain harmful cleaning agents. Common toxic household cleaners include bleach, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, dish soap, and all-purpose cleaners.

Things you can do to eliminate these toxins:

  • DIY household cleaners
  • Clean with hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach
  • Switch to all-natural cleaners
  • Ditch the dryer sheets

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of air indoors is believed to be much worse than outdoor air. Dust, chemicals, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are floating around in the air we breathe. Since we spend most of our time indoors, it is important to take measures to clean the air we breathe.

Burning candles, smoking, cooking without a vent, and cleaning your home with toxic cleaners are all ways you lower the quality of your air. However, improving the indoor air quality is one of the simplest things to do!

Things you can do to eliminate these toxins:

  • Buy a HEPA air filter
  • Open a window
  • Fill your home with air-purifying plants
  • Turn on the vent when you cook
How Can We Help?

While working towards eliminating toxins from your home may seem like a daunting task, Intuitive Health Restoration offers detoxification therapy to further aid you. Our purification and detoxification therapy is a beneficial service for those who are looking to increase their quality of life. Our approach starts with helping you assess your toxic load. There’s no need to be overwhelmed in working to restore health. Be proud of yourself for deciding to be a better healthier you.

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