How does spending time outside benefit your health?

Now that the season is changing and we’re experiencing nicer longer days it’s time to get outside! We thrive when we spend ample time outdoors, enjoying nature and all of its benefits. But how does spending time outside benefit our health?

Regulates Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock. Think of it as something that signals the body to perform regular functions throughout the day. Waking up early every morning and experiencing the early sunshine on your skin helps to regulate your circadian rhythm.

Your circadian rhythm helps regulate your eating habits by signaling the body to create proper proteins for digestion. It also helps your body learn when to wake and when to sleep. Think of the early morning sun as a reset button. Vitamin D first thing boosts your mood and will actually help you fall asleep faster.

Cultivates a Healthy Microbiome

It’s a known fact that we need good bacteria. Our skin microbiome helps to ward off bad bacteria and infection and it also helps to heal wounds. Spending time outdoors helps to feed our healthy microbiome. While the over-use of hand sanitizer and other antibacterial soaps can strip that healthy microbiome.

Especially after a year of quarantines and hand sanitizers, it is a good idea to build back up our immune systems by feeding our microbiome. Gardening and getting your hands in the dirt is a good way to feed this bacteria. Consider having a picnic out in the park or take a trip to the beach. These are all great ways to expose yourself to healthy bacteria.

Betters Your Mood

The sun is sometimes only known for the harm it can do. Maybe you’re someone who has spent too much time in the sun and gotten a severe sunburn. But the sun is actually crucial to our existence. The Vitamin D that the sun provides us with is helpful for multiple bodily functions. Vitamin D increases our mood exponentially.

Those who live in areas that have less exposure to sunlight have noticed a decrease in mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a known struggle in places like Washington or Alaska. That is because they can go through long periods of time without sunlight and the lack of Vitamin D can cause depression.

Reduces Inflammation

Spending time outdoors can help with inflammation by way of grounding. Grounding or earthing is the simple practice of kicking off your shoes and connecting to the earth. Walking barefoot outdoors on the grass, dirt, or sand has been shown to help reduce inflammation by grounding. Other health benefits include: reduced stress, improved mood, lowered anxiety, help with chronic pain.

So this spring, plant a garden, walk your dog, make mud pies with your kids, or just connect with the earth. Spending time outdoors might just be the thing you need after the year we all had. And you might just find that you’re healthier for it.

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