Sugar Control

Sugar Control should be everyone’s top priority! With all the effects that sugar has on the body and how it is causing so much devastation. It’s a wonder anyone lives as long as they do! Let’s take a few minutes and discuss this issue!

So what is happening in the body when we eat sugar? The moment we put the candy bar or that pasta in our body, it starts to stimulate all the enzymes needed to break down that candy or pasta or what is known as carbohydrates. This causes the pancreas, liver and adrenals all to start working. Which is good, but when you have the spike in blood sugar over, and over, it can wear out these organs or glands out, and your health starts to deteriorate!

Our bodies were not made for the super overload of sugar it gets day in and out! Its very additive, just like alcohol and drugs. By cutting back daily on sugar and slowly start to change your eating habits you can get your health back. You may also get help by using Whole Food Nutrition supplementation. These supplements are made from real food, not full of chemicals. They help feed the body, in return the body gets healthier. Just as if you were eating good organic fruits and vegetables.

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