The Link Between Protein And Hormones

Our body uses the nutrients we feed it to create everything it needs in order to thrive. From breakfast to our midnight snack, our body works hard to convert the food into fuel for various functions. Protein is no exception. Our body breaks down protein for various uses, but one of those uses is for our hormones.

The Role Protein Plays

Protein is necessary for our bodies to function properly. When we eat protein we consume the various amino acids that help facilitate healthy hormone production. These amino acids are so important because our bodies cannot produce them on their own. This means that we must supply our bodies with the proper proteins in order to have a healthy hormone balance.

The thyroid hormone is built from an amino acid called Tyrosine. Tyrosine can be found in most proteins but is found in greater amounts in meats and dairy. Since the thyroid plays such an important role in hormone health, it is imperative to supply it with what it needs. While this is true for this specific amino acid, it is also true for all of the other ones as well.

Sourcing the Right Kind of Protein

Now that you know that it is important to include protein in your diet, it’s important for you to know what types of proteins are beneficial.


While you may have recently switched to a dairy-free alternative to your favorite milk or dairy snack, you may find that it might be worth it to add some dairy back into your diet. While those who are lactose-intolerant should consult with a doctor before adding dairy back into their diet, adding grass-fed or raw cheese and cultured dairy products can increase the amounts of amino acids that help healthy hormones.

Meat and Eggs

Incorporating quality meat into your diet can have a great outcome on your health. If you’re used to eating the cheapest meat found in the store, you may find that switching to grass-fed organic meats increases your body’s ability to convert the nutrients into their proper roles. While your body can still convert lower-quality proteins, your body also has to fight all of the toxins that are pumped into these meats. Things like GMO feed, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics make their way into the final product, requiring your body to filter it out and sometimes causing inflammation.

Quality eggs are also an excellent source of protein. In fact, they may be the most bioavailable source of protein we have. Including them in your diet won’t actually give you high cholesterol, but they can certainly help boost your amino acid intake.

Plant Proteins

If you didn’t know, you can get protein from some plants. Things like legumes, grains, and leafy greens, all contain protein. However, plant protein is not as easily digested by many people. So while you may not want to switch all of your protein to plant-based protein, adding some beans and greens to your diet can help bring up your protein consumption for the day.

Although you were probably already including protein in your daily diet, hopefully, this information will help you be more intentional about it. When you think of food as fuel rather than a necessary evil, you may find it more enjoyable to keep your body working optimally.

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