What Can I Learn From A Hair Mineral Analysis?

There are many ways to test for a healthy body. Hormone tests, routine labs, and urinalysis tests can help us piece together a bigger picture of how your body is functioning. However, a hair mineral analysis doesn’t just tell us what is going on today, it can tell us how we have been functioning over a period of time. Here’s what you can learn from a hair mineral analysis.

What Is a Hair Mineral Analysis?

A hair mineral analysis involves a sample of your hair that is usually cut as close to the scalp as possible. It is best to gather a few strands from multiple places on your head. This hair is then tested for minerals. These minerals can then give you a pretty comprehensive understanding of your metabolic makeup.

How Can I Benefit From It?

A hair mineral analysis can be beneficial for many reasons. While blood tests and urine samples are very beneficial, they are often affected by what you did recently. The benefit of a hair mineral analysis is that the minerals are stored in the hair for a much longer period of time. This means your test will not be affected by what you ate or didn’t eat that morning.

Diet & Metabolism

If you have been following a specific diet and you would like to see if you are getting enough minerals the hair analysis can help give you these answers. The analysis can also tell you if you have an abundance of certain minerals as well as deficiencies. This will help you to better tailor your diet to suit your personal needs.

Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins and heavy metals can sneak their way into our lives via many channels. Whether that be cookware, or you might be living in an old home, or your work environment, they can play a part in how you feel. A hair mineral analysis can give a good idea as to which heavy metals you are regularly exposed to and if you have elevated levels of them. 

What Can Minerals Tell You?

Based on the elevation or deficiency of certain minerals, a health care provider will be able to gauge your current health habits. This will act as a guide to help you supplement or refrain where needed. Certain illnesses can be predicted based on various trends which can be corrected with a proper understanding of what’s going on. Many women suffer from iron deficiencies which can be a driving factor in anemia or elevated copper levels which can lead to pre-menstrual headaches. These things can go unnoticed or undiagnosed until they become a problem. But they can be addressed early on with a hair mineral analysis.


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